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Best Practices in HR’s services are tailored to meet the exact needs of each client. From single projects to full outsourcing, Best Practices in HR is prepared to provide the best counsel and client service to growing small and medium sized businesses.

From specific individual projects to full outsourcing, Best Practices in HR provides the solutions you need with the outstanding customer service you deserve.

Have all the tools and information required to maximize investment in your employees.

Take steps to protect your company from costly litigation and under-performing staff with a well designed policies and procedures coupled with strong employee relations.

Complete HR Services for Any Size Business

All companies are different, and standardized approaches generally do not get the job done. We listen to our clients and provide exactly what is needed to resolve situations and improve organizations in important ways. We bring you Best Practices in:


HR on Call
It is essential to move forward with HR initiatives and position your organization to create a collegial, professional, and successful environment for employees. HR on Call places big business HR expertise into the hands of growing businesses by providing unlimited on-call HR consultation regarding employee relations and disciplinary issues, labor law compliance/risk, compensation, performance management, policies and procedures, supervisor or employee coaching, HR related documentation, recruiting processes, or any other HR related items for a one time, very affordable annual fee.

Employee Relations
A carefully considered employee relations strategy gives employers an opportunity to resolve conflicts before they become serious issues, minimizing the company’s risks and liabilities. Trust Best Practices in HR to manage your employee relations strategy and enjoy the benefits of an engaged, dedicated staff.

Training and Development
The right training program gives staff the empowerment they need to meet their potential. It can also bring an experienced staff to new levels of achievement. Well designed training programs serve as motivational tools, as well. Ensure that employees are sharp and capable by feeding their desire for learning and by relying on Best Practices in HR to provide the highest caliber training solutions.

Recruiting and Onboarding
Experts estimate that recovering from the wrong hiring decision can, by the time the dust settles, cost companies as much as three times that employee’s salary. And that’s just the financial impact. Company cultures and work teams can also feel the impact from a bad hire. Hire the right person the first time and offer them an onboarding process that will successfully and efficiently integrate them into your culture and start them on a path of dedication and productivity.

Employee Satisfaction and Retention
In order to be successful in today’s competitive environment, companies must be mindful of their employees’ opinions and attitudes. Employers must have the benefit of properly collected data and insightful analysis to build a culture that attracts and retains the kind of talent that brings value for your investment. Best Practices in HR works with the employer to uncover what motivates their employees to be productive and remain loyal, and advises on the best way to respond to challenges.

Policies and Procedures
It is imperative that employees know and clearly understand workplace policies and procedures, and employers must be consistent in their application. If not, employers are leaving themselves open to inefficiencies, even legal liabilities, and employee productivity suffers. Best Practices in HR protects both employers and their employees by removing uncertainty regarding employee expectations and organizational protocol with dissemination of this information via concisely written employee handbooks.

Performance Management
Solid performance management processes and benchmarks are an absolute requirement for meeting or exceeding organizational goals. Performance management systems must carefully align with the business’s strategic goals and serve as a meaningful development tool for employees in order to bring about measurable results. Best Practices in HR has the expertise you can rely on to build a solid performance management program that promotes growth for your employees and company.

Compliance and HR Audits
Left unexamined, company policies and practices might leave employers open to legal or regulatory liabilities that can be avoided through comprehensive expert examination. Regular application of compliance and HR audits help companies identify areas of legal risk, and can also provide employers with information about the competitiveness of its HR strategies.  Best Practices in HR audits give you the information you need to operate in the most efficient, legally sound manner.

Total Rewards Strategies and Compensation
A Total Rewards Program typically includes compensation, benefits, personal growth opportunities, and work-life balance components. Having a comprehensive, competitive total rewards program is essential for retention and recruitment. Equally essential is that employers know they are investing their resources in a program that has the right impact. Best Practices in HR is your expert resource when it comes to building your program in a way that generates value.

Workplace Investigations
When an informal or formal complaint is made, the employer must take immediate steps to remedy the situation. Investigations help companies identify and resolve internal problems before they become widespread. Best Practices in HR provides experienced third-party counsel for employers looking to be proactive against undesirable circumstances.

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